Steve Zdarsky

Date of birth/生日: After Star Wars “A New Hope” but before Star Wars “The Empire Strikes Back”
Home mountain/ 滑雪老巢: Nanshan
Stance/站姿 : goofy, +18 – 6
Sponcor list/赞助商: JBMC, Capita, Union, Ashbury, Airblaster
Introduce yourself/自我介绍 : Hi, my name is Steve. Originally from Austria and I snowboard in China for a living.

When and how did you get into snowboarding?/什么时候 还有怎么开始玩儿单板的?
A damn long time ago I used to ski, a lot…that got boring and when I saw somebody on a snowboard I wanted to try that too. Since then I am hooked.
What are your plans for the season?/你下个雪季的计划是什么? Do more method’s and ride more powder.
Which rider’s style do you most respect right now? Which riders inspired you back then?/目前你最喜欢哪些滑手的风格? 当你开始玩儿单板的时候哪些滑手的风格影响了你的滑行?
My favorite rider of all time is David Benedek. He is not also one of the best overall riders out there (btw he invented the double cork…and not the flying tomato) but also did he put out the first good (and still good up to date) snowboard movies with his company robofood. Him and shredders like Travis Parker, Scotty Wittlake, Justin Benee and so many others have been hanging on my wall for years (no homo). Today I still look up to them and respect them.
Who are your favorite riders right now /who is your favorite rider in China?/ 你最喜欢的滑手有哪些?/ 谁是你最喜欢的中国滑手?
There is so many good shredders out there and they all kill it. My favorite shredders in China are definitely Nate as he constantly pushes himself and the ones around him and my brother from a different mother Marco. Shredding without him is kinda like having sexy time with 2 rubbers and…ok, I stop here. haha
Which snowboarding movies are your favorite ones? /你最喜欢的单板电影有哪些?
All the “robotfood” movies like lame, afterbang, afterlame as well as every single “pirate movie production” flick and last but not least the best China snowboard movie of all time “chuan’r”
What do you think about Chinese snowboarding?/ 你对目前中国的单板怎么看?
I think its wicked, what else can I say?
What does snowboarding mean to you?/ 单板对你的意义是什么?
Snowboarding made me what I am today so thank u snowboarding!