Nick Hyne

Date of birth/生日: 14/08 1984
Home mountain/ 滑雪老巢: The Remarkables
Stance/站姿 : Regular
Sponcor list/赞助商: Ride, Smith, Lower, Skinny, 3CS,JBMC
Introduce yourself/自我介绍 :I have been obsessed with snowboarding ever since I knew it existed. I love it. I also like seeing rad places and skateboarding.自从我知道单板以来,单板就成为我的生命中不可分割的部分了,而且我喜欢去到不同的地方,和玩儿滑板。

When and how did you get into snowboarding?/什么时候 还有怎么开始玩儿单板的?
I used to go skiing with my Dad and then one day the weather was so bad the top lifts were closed so my friend and I decided to try snowboarding.This was one of the best decisions of my life. I never went back to skiing.我小的时候经常和我爸爸去滑双板,有一天因为天气的原因雪场关闭了上面的缆车 所以我和我的朋友决定去尝试一下单板。这是我有生以来最明智的一个决定了,之后我就再也没玩儿过双板了。
What are your plans for the season?/你下个雪季的计划是什么?
I will be filming and practicing as much as possible in New Zealand. Diaries Downunder will be going for another season and I am looking forward to some more crazy adventures! 我会在新西兰尽量多的训练和拍摄我的视频部分。而且Diaries Downunder也将进入新一季的拍摄中,我已经等不及更多的冒险之旅了!
Which rider’s style do you most respect right now? Which riders inspired you back then?/目前你最喜欢哪些滑手的风格? 当你开始玩儿单板的时候哪些滑手的风格影响了你的滑行?
I really like riders like Scott Stevens and Bode Merril. They seem like they don’t care what they are riding. If it is some tiny, crap feature they just attack it and always get creative. After riding more backcountry stuff lately I have started to appreciate riders like Nicolas Mueller.David Benedek was always one of my favourites!
我非常喜欢象Scott Stevens 和Bode Merril 这样的滑手!看起来他们不是很在乎他们在玩儿什么样的东西,即使他们玩儿的很小的 道具或什么他们总是能玩儿出不同的很有创造性的花样。在玩儿大山野雪多了以后 才感觉到像Nicolas Muller 这样的滑手是多么厉害。David Benedek 一直以来都是我最喜欢的滑手!
Who are your favorite riders right now /who is your favorite rider in China?/ 你最喜欢的滑手有哪些?/ 谁是你最喜欢的中国滑手?
In China, I think Tiger is killing it. Andrew just keeps on getting and better as well.在中国,我觉得小虎玩儿的挺牛的。而且Andrew 也是玩儿越来越好。
Which snowboarding movies are your favorite ones? /你最喜欢的单板电影有哪些?
I really liked ‘True Life’ back in the day. These Days I watch more web episodes than movies but every year I get excited about the new Think Thank movies。
以前我最喜欢的单板电影是“True Life”,最近我更多的是看 网络上的视频短片,但每年我还是非常期待“Think Thank” 的新片。
What do you think about Chinese snowboarding?/ 你对目前中国的单板怎么看?
I think it can only grow. The park at Nanshan is as good as anywhere in the world. The rails are fun and the jumps are always shaped really well. The crew there seem like they are all really close, good friends and I think this is why everybody comes back every year. The future is bright!
我觉得只会越来越好。比如南山的公园可以和世界上任何地方的公园相媲美,有好玩儿的道具,跳台总是修整的非常舒服。而且这帮玩儿单板的人好像一个大家庭 走得都挺近,所以我么每年都想再回到南山参加南山公开赛。可以说前途不可限量!
What does snowboarding mean to you?/ 单板对你的意义是什么?
Snowboarding is a way of life. It is the reason I have been surrounded by so many amazing people. I can’t imagine life without it. It is what my daydreams consist of, and without those daydreams I don’t think anything else would seem quite so meaningful.
单板就是我生活的一部分。这是为什么我的周围存在这么多好朋友,不能想象缺少单板的生活,成为我的梦想的一部分  缺少了这些美好的梦想 对我来说生命将失去它的意义。