Nate Jones

Date of birth/生日: 10/30/85
Home mountain/ 滑雪老巢: Nanshan
Stance/站姿 : Goofy
Sponcor list/赞助商: Smokin Snowboards, JBMC, Union, 32, 686, Von Zipper, Tab, Contour
Introduce yourself/自我介绍 : I’m Nate Jones, 22 years old, from Seattle, Washington USA 我叫Nate Jones,22岁 来自美国华盛顿 西雅图

When and how did you get into snowboarding?/什么时候 还有怎么开始玩儿单板的?
I started skiing with my family, then switched to snowboarding when I was about 12. 
What are your plans for the season?/你下个雪季的计划是什么?
Travel to new places, try new tricks, and work on Session Magazine: The App version!
Which rider’s style do you most respect right now? Which riders inspired you back then?/目前你最喜欢哪些滑手的风格? 当你开始玩儿单板的时候哪些滑手的风格影响了你的滑行?
Back then I liked Matt Hammer and Eero Ettala.  Eero still kills it, and I like Pat Moore’s style too.
以前我比较喜欢Matt Hammer 和 Eero Ettala,Eero 现在仍然玩儿挺牛,而且我喜欢Pat Morre 的风格。
Who are your favorite riders right now /who is your favorite rider in China?/ 你最喜欢的滑手有哪些?/ 谁是你最喜欢的中国滑手?Andrew and Marco
Which snowboarding movies are your favorite ones? /你最喜欢的单板电影有哪些?
The Forum videos! Old and new.所有Forum 的片子!旧的和新的
What do you think about Chinese snowboarding?/ 你对目前中国的单板怎么看?It is growing really fast! All the riders are getting better each year.单板在中国发展的非常快!滑手们也是玩儿的越来越好。
What does snowboarding mean to you?/ 单板对你的意义是什么?
Snowboarding has so much to offer everyone:  Friends, places to travel, nature…  Everybody should try it!单板给玩儿单板的人很多:朋友,不同的旅行地,大自然…所有人都应该来尝试一下!