Alexey Suvorov

Date of birth : 7 Feb.
Home mountain : Hehcir mountain
Stance : Goofy
Sponcor list : JBMC, JOINT snowboards, VIRUS outwear
Introduce yourself  :  Russian Bear!)

When and how did you get into snowboarding?
Damn, was about some 11 years ago, saw some ads on tv with a snowboarder doing bs3, my dad says you will get a board just after when learn ski, I did it in 3 hours)
What are your plans for the season?
First of all a wants to go Beijing!
Which rider’s style do you most respect right now? Which riders inspired you back then?
I think Scotty Witlake, Gigi Ruf, Nicolas Muller is still inspiring me a lot
Who are your favorite riders right now /who is your favorite rider in China?
I think Gigi is the good one in backcountry riding, and I think Jed Anderson is the good street snowboarder/ Andrew Wild is my favorite Chinese rider, and of course Marco is one of those who inspired me.
Which snowboarding movies are your favorite ones?
Haha, Of course HappyNiuYear! and all RobotFoot Productions.
What do you think about Chinese snowboarding?
If to say totally, theres good ups is going in Chinese snowboard scene. Especially if you live in Beijing, you kinda have big opportunity to progress in MellowPark, and its warm climate, it’s a big “PLUS”. The “minus” is there is no backcountry riding.
What does snowboarding mean to you?
Thats my friends, joy, job, snowboarding gived me so much that I cant see my life without it.